Tumby Bay District Council Increasing Budget for Repairs at Port Neill Jetty

June 5, 2023 3:29 am in by
Photo: Pexels

The Tumby Bay District Council has increased the budget for repairs at the Port Neill jetty due to unexpected damage.

Extensive rotting, corrosion, and termite activity were discovered, requiring additional structural replacements.

Repair work will temporarily halt for a reassessment by marine engineers.

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The Council has approved an extra $600,000 for the project to achieve the objective of extending the jetty’s lifespan.

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport were approached but couldn’t provide financial assistance.

However, the Council has reserve funds to cover the costs and assures the community that the Tumby Bay jetty project won’t be affected at the expense of the Port Neill one.

The Port Neill jetty closure will be extended, and the reopening date will be announced later.