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Hyundai i30 has plenty of appeal


Hyundai i30

The Hyundai i30 is not a vehicle you’d expect a bloke off the farm to be keen to jump into.

hyundai i30 new

The Hyundai i30 Hatch. Pic: Bryan Littlely

But there is plenty to like about these nifty little machines, not the least being the price tag and the amount of kit you get for that.

The i30 has long been a pace setter for Hyundai and hits the spot with those looking for a their first quality car, or a second run about for the family.

You’ll get into the base priced hatch, simply known as i30, for the very reasonable price of just $25,420 before on roads…

But it is what you get even with that base price which gives me the good feels about this entry point offering from Hyundai.

If you’re in the base model i30, you’re not going to feel particularly like you’ve gone for that cheapest option.

It certainly doesn’t drive like a cheap car and the textiles and trimmings look and feel anything but cheap.

First impressions count, and even colour palettes can at times…. and this test car in Intense Blue made a great first impression.

Jumping behind the wheel the large crisp digital driver display and central 8 inch touchscreen instantly lend a premium feel to the cabin.

While the well-executed fabric seats and leather-appointed steering wheel and gearstick, provide a subtle touch of polish.

And if you don’t like to skimp on storage and room even in a compact car, the i30 has you covered with a pretty roomy.

On the road, the i30 delivers ample power smoothly and evenly - 120kW and 203Nm of torque to be precise. Steering is well weighted and responsive and I even got used to the very effective lane diversion tech and smart cruise control… despite my aversion to such.

You drive cars… right? They don’t drive you!

But probably the most impressive thing about the i30 for me was the fact it Actually has a full-size spare alloy wheel under the floor in the hatch… almost impossible to fine in hatchbacks these days.

The latest rendition of the Hyundai i30 continues to meet the expectations from the brand which have been put down over the past decade or so, and it's a stylish small car even a fella off the land is perfectly fine being seen in.