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Rock lobster and Pipi seasons close

Recreational fishers in South Australia are reminded that the Rock Lobster and Pipi seasons close this week.


Fishers are reminded that they need to remove their Rock Lobster pots as part of the annual closure for Rock Lobster fishing, which will begin at 6pm on Monday 31 May.

Meanwhile the Pipi (also known as Goolwa cockles) season closes on Tuesday 1 June and is in place until 31 October.

The annual closures are part of the sustainable management arrangements for both species.

Recreational fishers face potential fines if they do not follow the rules – in the case of taking pipi the fine has increased five-fold following the introduction of new expiations in March.

Fisheries Officers will continue to conduct patrols throughout the closed seasons.

The annual closure bans all recreational Rock Lobster fishing activity in South Australian waters and will stay in place in the Southern Zone until 6am on 1 October and in the Northern Zone until midday on 1 November. Rock Lobster pots must be removed from the water before the closure comes into effect.

Find out more about the closure at or through the SA Recreational Fishing app which can be downloaded for free.

Suspicious or illegal fishing behaviour can be reported to the 24-hour Fishwatch number on 1800 065 022 or via the app.

Penalties: Maximum penalty for taking rock lobster or setting rock lobster pots in Northern or Southern Zone during closed season: - First offence $10,000 - Second or subsequence offence $20,000.

For taking pipi during closed season: - $250 (was $50 prior to 19 March , 2021)