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New Lion King Trailer Has Dropped!


It's finally here - the new Lion King trailer! 

Say hello to the new "live-action" remake with all your favourite jungle friends. What's more exciting, this film f eatures a star-studded cast, with Beyonce Knowles as Nala, John Oliver as Zazu, Seth Rogan as Pumbaa and Donald Glover as Simba!

Remakes are tricky territory - so much can go wrong when you start deviating from a classic tale. However, from what we've seen, we can expect it'll stick pretty close to the original. The minute-long trailer bares remarkable resemblance to the opening of the original animation, with Rafiki painting Simba's forehead red and presenting him to the entire animal kingdom.

The Lion King will be storming into theatres July 19, 2019. So fire up the microwave, and pull out the popcorn.

Check out the trailer below...