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ScoMo's Photoshop Fail

Politicians aren't usually the best dressed at the best of times (except Julie Bishop, she served up some absolute looks) and we could almost forgive the ill-fitting suits and daggy tracksuits John Howard wore. 

Our current Prime Minister Scott Morrison has come under fire for a fashion blunder, however, you can't blame him for it this time!

This was one epic photoshop fail that his PR team have concocted all by themselves.. Take a look at the family portrait released on his official website of him and his  wife Jenny and daughters Lily and Abbey:


Notice anything strange? His shoes perhaps?

If you look closely, the bright white shoes old ScoMo is wearing aren’t real at all!  

The shoes were Photoshopped in place of some trainers and it appears he has two left feet as a left shoe has been Photoshopped onto his right foot.

Plenty of people were quick to point out the mistake:

But our PM also saw the humour in the blunder, posting the shoes he was really wearing in the photo:

 The original photo has now been restored to the PM's website, grubby shoes and all.