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Man Arrested After Towing a Boat With Mobility Scooter

This man from Newcastle loves his boat. REALLY loves his boat.

Would do anything to get his boat tot the water so he can do boating things on his boat.


This man has been caught towing his boat with a mobility scooter along the Pacific Highway in Newcastle.

Could it be more Australian??

The 35 year old was busted on camera last month towing his newly renovated 17-foot vessel before being pulled over by a Highway Patrol vehicle.

He said he lost hislicense and at the same time he'd finished fixing up his boat. He said, “I was going to push it down by hand but then I thought: “why not use this?”

So he hopped onto the mobility scooter and hooked up his boat and off he went!

The unusual footage went wild on social media with the man receiving praise and punchlines for his brazen attempts to skirt the law.

Lake Macquarie police issued Mr Swancott with a court notice for driving while disqualified, using an unregistered vehicle on the road, using an uninsured vehicle on the road and using an unregistered trailer on the road. He will face court.

Don't try this at home.