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I guess it's the future now


Juan Garzon/CNET

Better put the deposit down on your flying car because we live in the future my friends.
Yesterday after a tonne of rumours conjecture and no doubt some corporate espionage. Samsung showed off their first look at their yet to be named foldable phone/tablet.
Without a name as of yet I'm opting for bendy phone.

Not much is known of bendy phone but what we do know is they are asking developers to start developing apps for it now and that they have been working with google.
What does this mean for us, the punters who want to roll up our phones in our back pockets and skate to work on our hover boards?

Well it could be a while until we get to be McFly guys and gals.
When the phone was unveiled reports say the light in the convention hall was dimmed, as to save on revealing some design pieces.
This has generally been interpreted as it still very much being a work in progress. Many tech reporters even speculating that we may not even get a hands on look at the device until after January.

All that aside it looks like we are that one step closer to the Jetsons lifestyle we were promised in the 60's