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The kind of charcoal you want at Christmas

Christmas is the peak season for barbecuing for those of us lucky enough to enjoy the warm Aussie holiday season.
Time is running out for gift buying, but if you’ve got someone in your house who needs some motivation to get involved

in preparing lunch, a weird and wonderful addition to their barbecue kit on Christmas morning might be the shove they need.

Could you stay in front of the TV if you had these to play with?

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Bin barbecue (
We're not completely sure why you wouldn't just make this yourself by drilling some holes in the bottom of a bin and chucking a grate on top. Assuming it's more complicated than that, you can also pay about $80 to this Dutch company for a ready-made barbie bin,

brassebbq d71c5
The Brasse Barbecue (
It’ll be a long wait for Christmas dinner on this one but all you really need to do is get the barbecuing vibe going and you never know your luck.

cityboygrill 89ad1
The City Boy Picnic Grill
The City Boy Picnic Grill isn't too far removed from the Brasse Barbecue, but it is superior because it's got a handle.

tacticalbbqapron 554f0
Tactical barbecue apron (
Now you've got your quirky barbie, you need to be prepared to use it. If you've ever thought soldiers had it too easy when it came to carrying things (sooo many pockets in those uniforms) you can narrow the gap with your own tactical barbecue apron. It will hold everything from tongs to hand grenades, although, we recommend against taking hand grenades to barbecues.
Any bloke armed with this kit will be fighting to take over cooking duties on the big day.