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Grumpy Cat explodes onto the big screen just in time for Christmas

Grumpycat 2cab5

If you haven't heard of Grumpy Cat then let us be the first to welcome you to the internet.

The crotchetty kitty has been iconic for his hangdog expression for a few years now but he's about to

really hit the big time now becaue Grumpy Cat is starring in his very own movie.

Even after watching the trailer for Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever we're still bot completely sure what it's about, but there seems to be a scene with a cat firing a machine gun so we're in.

Of course, the internet isn't going to take something like a Grumpy Cat movie lying down. If someone has gone out and shot hours worth of footage of the world's favourite household pet then it can't be left alone.

That's why the mashup trailers have already started such as this gem, during which Grumpy Cat goes toe to toe with John "Die Hard" McLean, opposite the great Bruce Willis