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Kratu Back At It, Competes In Dog Show And It's Shambolic At Best


Kratu is a naughty English floof who competes in the annual Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham.

The Carpathian x Mioritic rescue dog, for the third year in a row, has given the competition a red hot crack. 

And by red hot crack, I mean did not give one thought to the rules and just went absolutely mental on the course. 

Check it out below, where he runs back and forth and misses 99.99% of the obstacles and then takes off with one of the hurdles bars, like the competition is just one big game of fetch. 

This is chaotic good if ever I saw. 

The lack of care has cemented Kratu as the must-see performance of the year and punters absolutely love him for his reckless abandon. 


This has propelled him into a glam cover model for Dogs Today!

If you want to see where it all started, check out Kratu's first comp back in 2018!