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4 Human Snacks Your Dogs Can Eat Too So You Never Have To Dine Alone


Humans treat their fury babies like their actual flesh and blood. 

They are called "man's best friend" for a reason. 

Sometimes we just want to include them in every facet of our lives, including the all important meal time. 

Unlike your fussy cousin, dogs genuinely can't eat a lot of human foods.

However, I have compiled a list of the foods you can dine on with your dog in toe. 

1. Virgin Eggs Benedict


Otherwise known as the solid boiled egg. 

Cooked eggs are delicious, so if you're on the gain train your dog can catch a lift with you. 

They also love raw eggs, and it makes their coats extra shiny.

Just make sure you don't feed them too many - you will regret it once they make their way to the back end. 

2. Fish Bois


Salmon is a great little treat when you're on a cheat day or a date night. 

If you don't have a date this could be the perfect time to put one in a pan and share it with your pup.

Just make sure you don't serve it raw and look out for bones - you don't want them to get lodged in your fury friend's throat (or your own, for that matter). 

3. Strawberries


Again, perfect date treat! Take your best mate out on a picnic and dine on one of the world's best fruits, after a run and play in the park. 

They are an idea treat (not an everyday food) that can boost your dog's vitamin C levels. 

Do not dip these suckers in chocolate though - they're not good for your dog, and pretty much not that great for you!

4. Celery


If I'm being fair, celery is not really my fave vegetable. 

It's something that I tolerant, as I understand they add to the flavour of soups and sauces. 

Occasionally I'll buy it so I can eat dip without feeling too guilty. 

Good news if you love celery, it's something you can eat with your pup!

Whether your pup will want to eat it is another thing...


(Please don't feed your dogs pizza, no matter how much they beg)