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Vegan Milo Hits Shelves and Stomachs With Great Success


At long last, those friends of ours who are vegan and/or lactose-intolerant can now join the age old argument of how to perfect the hot or cold Milo.  

Plant-Based Milo has popped up on shelves this week and they're flying out of store as fast as toilet paper. 

Our beloved malted choccy Milo keeps its taste with the malt barley extracts, but the alternative swaps out milk powders with a soy protein isolate and soluble corn fibre. They've also added sunflower oil and oat flour. 

Although most are skeptical when you change up a classic, it has been copping rave reviews. 

This is the second time they have released a spin off of the Australian fave, when they dropped a version with 30% less sugar. 

Personally, I'd be more keen to drink plant-based than less sugar, because at the end of the day the sugar is what binds it all together and makes it an exceptional treat!

Alert your mates, sing it from the balcony and go and get yourself a tin. 

They're $7 a pop and no confirmation on whether it will be a continued product so, like toilet paper, we must treat it like a limited release.