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Aldi Dropping Teeny Tiny Dog Sofas For Your Best Friend

In light of the recent article about Aldi, which may or may not be coming to Whyalla, you might want to open up a catalogue. 

Why, you may ask?

Because they are releasing teeny-weeny sofas for doggos. 

There's this new range called "Aldi's Pampered Pets Special Buys" which are going to be on shelves by Saturday, 21st of March. 

Do you love adorable miniature furniture for your miniature friend?

Great - you're in the right place!


This one is built for pups up to 15kgs. That blanket gracefully draped in the background of the photo? That one can be snapped up too!

If you're the mum or dad of a larger dog then don't worry - your good boy/girl has a sofa tailored to their size as well! The Large Pet Sofa will set you back $99.99 and looks so comfortable that I want to try and sit on it. However I won't... it suits pets up to 45kgs and I'm a few kgs more than that...


Have a feline fur baby at home that needs a chic cat scratcher? Say no more! The Cat Scratcher is $49.99 and even has little kitty ears! 


Saturday, 21 March – lock it in. This range will be limited, such is the Aldi Special Buys. Do not count on them lasting very long!

Photos: Aldi