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Honeymooners So Drunk They Bought The Hotel They Were Staying In


We've all done silly things on the fermented juice. 

Perhaps we've bought ourselves an expensive cocktail, or enough chips to feed a small tribe.

Maybe you've even gone on an online shopping splurge after getting on the sauce, and bought a mint condition Fender Vintera 50s Stratocaster guitar. 

But I doubt you've ever gone and purchased the hotel you were staying in during your honeymoon vacay. 

You might not have, but this British couple did after one too many. 

Gina Lyons (33) and Mark Lee (35) got married back in June 2017 and embarked on a three-week backpacking trip through Sri Lanka that December.

During their adventures they checked into a rustic beachfront hotel and fell in love with both the establishment and the staff. 

Twelve glasses of rum later the pair decided it would be a great idea to buy the hotel, which lease was almost up. 

They snapped it up for £30,000 (roughly $59,00 AUD).

Since then they have fallen pregnant, and despite this financial frenzy all at once, their 7-room B&B is thriving

They have, however, agreed that future decisions will be made sans alcohol. 

Remember to drink responsibly.