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Company Claims To Have Invented Suit Capable Of Killing Coronavirus


A Chinese company has claimed to invest a wearable bat-style suit that can kill the coronavirus.

The Beijing architecture/design firm, Penda China, announce the concept on Instagram and believe the suit, with isolating wings inspired by a bat's biology, can protect the wearer from contracting the virus.

By adding sterilising heating technology they even went as far as claiming the suit could potentially kill the virus. 

The ultraviolet radiation network on the surface is said to heat up and sterilise the surrounding area, whereby the garment wearer avoid exposure to the virus. 

The suit is not airtight, however, but works on the principles of epidemic response, just as you would see on hazmat suits. 

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As an architect ,I have designed a wearable space device that can effectively isolate us outdoors to ensure safety. The ultraviolet radiation network on the surface of the device can heat up to sterilize the surrounding environment, turning contact a way to kill, rather than spread, the virus. The device is also foldable, ready to open automatically when we need to contact with the outside world. The design follows the bionic design principle, taking bats as the prototype. When we were little, we all dreamed to be a Batman, a hero who fights evil and save the world. Perhaps that dream is coming true today. This project has been asked by friend Frank chou . Few of our friends gathered to do this Creative Cure (CC)project. CC is aiming to promote the development of public health in a designer’s way. @sundayong_penda @frank_chou_chenchen @dezeen @wallpapermag @wallpaperchina @designboom @parametric.architecture @architecture_hunter #architecturelovers @amazing.architecture #architecture #architecturephotography #architect #architecturaldetail #architectureanddesign #architecturedaily

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I don't have great confidence in what looks like a hightech zorb ball suit with more holes.