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Maccas Staple To Be Phased Out Of Meal By End Of 2020


This year has seen a lot of wacky food creations and fusions. 

More often than not a unique twist on your favourites have been served up; lamington flavoured hot cross buns, lamington burgers, hot cross bun popcorn... pretty much anything hot cross bun or lamington related!

However, Maccas will actually be taking something off the menu by the end of the year. 

What will this redaction be?

Well, it is less to do with the meal itself and more to do with the vehicle of getting the food to your mouth. 

What I'm quite cryptically saying is they will be phasing out... plastic cutlary. 

Gone are the days where Mums would make you lick the spoons clean and put them all in a napkin to take home and use as your school lunch box spoons. 

This is a great move by the franchise, as it will remove 585 tonnes of plastic per year.

Incredible work!

Now you can order your sundae and not feel too bad about your decision - at least it will be more environmentally friendly!