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Bye Bye Nutella, Lindt Releases Decadent Choc Hazelnut Spread


Ever looked at a Lindt ball and said, "Man, I'd really love to spread you over a bit of toast."

Well if you had, please consider keeping those thoughts to yourself, but also know that your dreams have become reality. 

Nutella is going to have to watch its back because the new kid on the block is making waves. 

Some mad scientist (or more probably a food science technician) has slightly liquified the centre of the Lindt balls and turned it into a decadent morning condiment. 

There are two spreads released to market; a Lindt 25% Hazelnut Spread and a Lindt Cocoa Spread, both priced around $10 per 200g jar. 

Lindt Master Chocolatier and head of fantastic ideas, Thomas Schnetzler said: “We’re so excited to bring our new Lindt spreads to Australia."

"Now everyone can enjoy our delicious chocolate in a spreadable form as a perfect treat."

"Our Lindt Hazelnut Spread is made with 25% roasted hazelnuts which is more generous than many other spreads."

"This generosity adds to the incredible flavour when the hazelnuts are combined with the cocoa creating the perfect blend.”

Dieticians are also pretty excited about this one. Although it isn't particularly healthy, it does have 25% hazelnuts and is speculated to be much healthier for you than Nutella. That said, it does come at a price!

If you're wanting to get your mits on these spread I have some good news and bad news. 

Bad news is if you were wanting the classic Lindt taste, you'll have to wait til May (which is suspiciously being released in the same month as Mother's Day... hint hint...)

Good news is the Lindt 25% Hazelnut Spread will be on shelves from March!

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