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Mum Reveals Best Snack Hiding Spot From Teens


You ever buy a treat at the shops, put it in the fridge, go off to do a few chores and then come back to see your treat has vanished?

Maybe your housemate ate it, or maybe it was your teen kids. 

This Mum has an ingenious solution for you!

The best hiding spots are always in plain sight.

Posting in the "Mums Who Organise" Facebook group, the woman in question shared her hot tip on how to stop her son from eating her chocolate.

Sharing a picture inside her freezer, the mum wrote: “Hidden in plain sight. Inside the mixed berries packet is chocolate. Hidden so my 16yo son can’t find it and gorge himself stupid.”


Many have been quick to praise her sharp idea, with many saying they would be "stealing this".

“Oh I love it. Have made note to self. My kids would never go into the mixed berry packet,” one wrote.

Others started chiming in on great hiding spots.

“My treats get stashed inside our electric frypan at the back of the pots shelf. Have used this method for years nobody else goes near that thing,” one crafty mum wrote.

“A bar of chocolate also fits under the tupperware cheese storer.”

“I had a friend who used to label ice cream container ‘sauerkraut’ and in her treats would go … never found.”

So what do you think, will you be implementing this tactic the next time you get a treat down the shops?