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Dead Woman Ordered To Pay Rent


Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes.

May I add a third certainty: paying debt after death. 

A tribunal found that dying did not discharge a person from their financial responsibilities, and subsequently forced the woman’s estate to pay her landlord.

Lene Wong died in Ngāruawāhia, New Zealand, back in September and her landlord was told of the death by police on September 15.

Despite this, Wong’s estate was ordered to pay rent for three weeks after she died.

Joanna Pidgeon, a specialist property lawyer at Pidgeon Law and Auckland District Law Society, said dying did not discharge a person from their financial responsibilities.

When someone dies and they have a will which names executers, or those responsible for identifying the assets and liabilities.

They are obliged to pay outstanding debts from deceased estate's assets. 

Afterwards, they can distribute anything remaining.

The total of rent yet to be paid to the landlord was $NZ865.00 ($A837), but once the $NZ640 bond was released, that number was reduced to $NZ225.30 ($A218.13).

Talk about not being able to catch a break!

Even in death, you cannot escape your debts.