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Engaged Outrage: Couples Outlandish Request Sparks Online Rage


Just when we'd seen it all, a US bride and groom requested something truly excessive.

The couple have sparked serious backlash after their request for uninvited wedding "guests" was shared on Reddit, with the couple branded "shameless" as a result. 

Their note explained to recipients that their venue "sadly... can not accomodate everyone."

While endeavouring to keep everyone "in [their] hearts", they instructed that if people would “like to congratulate the bride and groom”, they could give “money to aid in a beautiful honeymoon”. 

This note has caused a stir on Reddit, with many observing it was a rude request, 

“The polite way to ask for money is to create a cute website saying you don’t need gifts, instead you would like help creating memories,” they wrote.

“Let people send money through that. Give them options like purchasing a massage or horseback riding. Stuff like that.

“But definitely don’t send a note like this to people who aren’t invited. You make the website public so people can see it and donate but don’t ask people like this.”

Other netizens agreed, “This is so tacky. Why would I send them something if I’m not even invited?”

We sent you this card so send us money from r/weddingshaming

“Omg this is horrendous. If I ever got a card formally advising that I was not invited, but then also asked for a gift, I wouldn’t even reply."

What do you think? Is this a faux pas?