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Our Fireys Have Been Immortalised With Their Own Bushfire Hero Funko Pop

Our legendary firefighters now have their own miniature bushfire hero with Funko Pop. 

The latest addition to the Funko team, it has been created in a bid to raise money for our wildlife who have been absolutely devastated by the recent bushfires. 

Popcultcha has teamed up with Funko to create the “Bushfire Heroes Firefighter with Koala Pop! Vinyl Figure”.


All proceeds will go to the RSPCA's National Bushfire Appeal

In the description, Popcultcha go on to describe the initiative.

"The RSPCA are working alongside government and emergency agencies, veterinarians and local authorities to provide much needed equipment and supplies, emergency care and identifying and assessing injured animals in need of assistance. Their work will continue for months after the fires have ceased."

If you're wanting to get your hands on this limited addition collectable, which is only $19.99, you can find it here!

It won't be ready/sent to you until June, however I feel like if you need to buy yourself a nice present for Valentines (#selflove) and also want to help others (#selflesslove) this is perfect! ALSO you'll probably forget you ordered it by June, so it'll be a nice little surprise from past-you!