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Fine Dining Or Highway Robbery: Charged $57 For Charred Cauli

We love to treat ourselves every now and then. Especially if we're not very talented in the cooking department. 

So it's nice sit back, relax with a glass of wine and be served delicious creations. 

Dining out isn't cheap - even the golden arches are expensive! But we are willing to pay the premium price for not just the food but for the experience.

However, there is a line. I am going to be drawing it now. 

A restaurant at the art gallery of NSW, Chiswick, is charging $57 for a cauliflower. 

Holy smokes (for real). 

Granted, it does look delicious. But would you be paying $57 for something you could get at the supermarket for $4 (maybe even $2 if you get it on special)?

Can't believe you eyes? See it here!

Maybe it might be worth buying a piece of art with that money - at least the resale value will increase with time, unlike the cauli!