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Just The Tip: Waitress Stunned By Billionaire's Generosity


A waitress in Massachusetts was left stunned at the end of her night, when a guest left her a note on their receipt.

This is definitely a viral challenge that can stick around!

Jennifer Navaria, the waitress in question, waited on a table of four on Saturday night. 

When she picked up the check at the end of their service she initially thought they had left a $50 ($A75) tip.

Not quite so - add two extra 0's and you'd get the correct number: $5000. 

That's $5000 USD too! In AUD it's $7420. Not a bad sum I'd say!

It all started with Donnie Wahlberg trending the #tipchallenge for 2020. 


While I love my job, I would also love to be tipped $5000. So if you feel like tipping me, feel free to stop me in the street and make my day. \

Will you be taking part in the #tipchallenge ?