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ABBA To Release New Music At The End Of The Year?!


Maybe 2020 isn't off to a bad start after all? I mean it's been pretty rocky these last few days, but some good news has come our way. 

Benny Andersson of ABBA says the iconic group is hoping to release new music sometime this year. 

I think I may need to check on my Mum because this news is quite shocking!

As an avid ABBA fan, I am aware that ABBA has been teasing new music for some time now. Last year, fellow member Bjorn Ulvaeus told a Danish tabloid that new tunes would be united with our ears in September / October of 2019.

What we can confirm is they already have two songs recorded called I Still Have Faith In You and Don’t Shut Me Down.

Reasons for the songs not being released yet are unclear. 

“They’re coming this year,” Ulvaeus said. “But I can only guess, because I’m not really sure. But I would think so.”

So yes, no, maybe… potentially? 

This reminds me of how literally every creative on Instagram says they have "big things coming soon... stay tuned!"

Where's the lie?




They apparently recorded the new tunes for a "vitual ABBA" experience, which bloomed back in 2016. From what I can tell they are getting through the nitty gitty contracts of it all, which can take some time. 

So essentially the cake has been baked and iced, everyone is just trying to divvy up the slices. 

Last January Andersson told IceTheSite delays were due to legal complications. 

“We are still trying to establish the agreement that needs to be done to be able to continue,” he said. “We are good. It’s the other side, everything that has to be done, everything that has to be drawn. It’s delayed. It’s not our doing.”

Personally I hope they get the business tidied up because I need some modern ABBA bops in my life. 

I also want a chance to write the headline, "Thank You For The Music, For Bringing It To Me".