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Don't Let Your BBQ Hold You Back From A Good Australia Day

It's a few days before Australia Day, which means parents everywhere are on the quest for the best cut of meat or fish in the sea.

Cheese, biccies and a nice alcohol grape juice is called for. 

However, you mustn't let your BBQ hold you back from hosting a successful day of fun and relaxation with your friends and family. 

Ahead of the long weekend, South Australians are strongly urged to check their BBQs before firing them up, to avoid injury or property damage. 

Each year, Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) and SA Country Fire Service (CFS) firefighters respond to dozens of fires caused by poorly maintained barbeques and gas cylinders.

In 2019, there were 57 fires related to barbeques in South Australia, resulting in property damage and financial loss. 

Many of these fires were preventable. 

A few weeks ago a house in Coromandel Valley was decimated in a $550,000 fire believed to be linked to heat from a barbeque, igniting nearby combustible materials.

No one ever thinks it'll be them, their house, or their BBQ. 

MFS Community Engagement Officer, Vinny Schar, said grease build-up and gas leaks from weathered hose lines are common causes of barbeque fires.

“People leave barbeques out in the weather and gas hose lines can deteriorate over time. Taking five minutes to physically check hose lines for any cracks or splits may save a life."

“When fat in the drip tray heats up, it can quickly ignite a bigger fire. Regularly clean the drip tray to prevent the build-up of fats and oils.”

Do not be fooled by the cooler weather either. 

CFS Director Preparedness Operations Brett Loughlin reminds the public restrictions apply when using a barbeque during the fire danger season.

“Make sure your gas, electric or solid fuel barbeque is clear of all flammable materials by at least four metres; that a person who is able to control the fire is present at the site of the fire until it is extinguished, and that a fire extinguisher is at hand,” CFS Director Preparedness Operations Loughlin said.

To learn how to check for leaks, see the MFS website here.

For guidance about using BBQs during fire season and Total Fire Ban days, please see the CFS website here