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Baked Potato Grazing Boards, Why You Need To Implement These At Dinner Parties

I'm a potato fiend.

It's not the healthiest vegetable to eat when fried. BUT, when baked it's actually pretty nutritous! 

They're also one of the most versatile vegetables ever! 

Another positive is that no matter what diet your friends are on, they can all get around the humble potato. Except if they're on a strictly protein diet. If that is the case I would suggest keeping the spud and sending your friend to the trash as soon as possible. 

Anyway, it makes perfect sense you should start to make a baked potato platter, over a cheese board or pancake platter. 

This creation comes courtesy of food blogger Reluctant Entertainer.

So what is it? Baked potatoes and every imaginable topping. 


Feeling inspired? Peep the recipe here!