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Kangaroo Island Runs $25 Return Ferry To Boost Tourism


We have witnessed the tragedy and horror of the bushfires in SA, specifically the flames which engulfed the Yorke Peninsula and Kangaroo Island. 

Kangaroo Island has seen not only vast lands and houses destroyed, but also half of their koala population and many other endangered species have perished. 

The island's businesses have also taken quite a hit, with tourism normally booming during this season. 

In a bid to boost tourism and help impacted local business, Kangaroo Island Connect is providing 50% off their fares, ferrying people over for $25 return. 

The catch is all visitors must stay on Kangaroo Island for at least one night to support local businesses in order to receive the discounted ticket.

Which seems extremely fair, and to truly make the most of the trip it's worth having a look around for a while longer than one night. 

The offer is open for travel from tomorrow, Saturday 25 January 2020 until 30 June 2020.

As an extra incentive many accommodations, tours and experiences are releasing promotions to entice guests, and car/van hire has been set back to winteroff-peak rates. 

You wouldn't want to miss the boat on this opportunity - check out the tix special here

A gentle reminder to always check the advice of the CFS before a trip.