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Canberra Cops MASSIVE Hailstorm, RIP Cars & Skylights


Australia has seen some obscenely wild weather this summer, going from catastrphic bushfires, fire cyclones, flash flooding and now Mother Nature has just dropped the sequel, hailstorms. 

Not just any hailstorms either. This supercell thunderstorm is pelting down golfball stone sized hail. 

 Here are just a few examples of the absolute carnage. 

RIP cars too...

The sad news is, and this is information I was not privy to until today - most insurance companies do not allow you to make claims for hailstorms because they're considered "an act of God". 

Personally this concept rubs me up the wrong way. Fair enough if one individual wants to believe in God, however companies are not sentient beings and cannot believe in concepts like "God", so how can one not be insured for a natural event like this?

How can a natural event like a hailstorm be considered an "act of God" but all other natural events can be covered for?

Where does one draw the line in the sand, or the snow, when something is "meant to be" and something is a genuine disaster?

This philosophical argument aside, fortunately only two people have reported minor injuries relating to the storm. Buildings and cars have not been so lucky, with many severly damaged by the hail.

This comes after a similar storm which hit Melbourne on the weekend and more severe storm activity is predicted across much of the Eastern seaboard. 

This hailstorm also comes after horrendous air quality conditions, lingering from the bushfires. 

If a message was ever sent to our Government to get serious about this climate crisis we're facing, it would be now.