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Extreme Heatwave To Hit Over NYE, Pass Me The Fan NOW

I hate the heat. I can deal with the cold. It's just a matter of layering and investing in a really nice merino/silk blend scarf. Sorted. 

The heat is a different story. While it's much easier to put on an extra pair of socks if you're cold, it infinitely harder to cool down in the heat. 

Especially if your aircon is subpar. 

Well I guess you and I better get used to it, because there's more heatwaves ahead. Including over NYE so yeah, pen that one in your diary. 

Worse still, this warm front will elevate bushfire danger in parts of the nation’s south as “severe” conditions build.

Monday and Tuesday are tipped to be the worst days for bushfires and smoke haze which coincides with new years.

The "extreme" heatwave is currently lingering over northwestern parts of the country, where the mercury is breaking 45C today.

Sky News Meteorologist, Rob Sharpe, says “As we move through the week though, that heat is going to build through southern parts of Australia."

“Initially, winds are not going to be that strong so we’re going to see a few regions with severe fire danger on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Our area is currently experiencing this, with a "severe heatwave 'watch & act; message in place for all districts, and a total fire ban in place for the Mid North and Yorke Peninsula. 

This will really ramps up at the end of heatwave on Monday.

On Monday, strong winds will “suddenly” pick up and severe heat will hit Victoria, South Australia, NSW and even Tasmania.

Sharpe adds that “dangerous” fire conditions are expected to peak on that day and there will likely be smoke haze in Sydney on New Year’s Eve.

Two firefighters were killed and as many as 100 houses destroyed when bushfires ripped through NSW on Thursday and Saturday last week.