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A Petition To Dissolve The Government Due To Inaction & Corruption Has Reached 150,000 Signatures


A petition is doing the rounds right now, calling for the Governor General to dissolve the Government.

At the time of writing it already has received over 115,000 signatures.

The petition in question was started a month ago by Anthony Whitehead, and has received 50,000 signatures over the last 3 days. 

This brings it ever closer to its goal of 150,000 signatures. 

Why are so many people calling for the Governor General to intervene?

"We are calling on His Excellency the Governor-General of Australia to dissolve parliament as outlined under section 5 within the Constitution of Australia due to their blatant disregard for the rules governing the conduct of their own ministers and corrupt behaviour."

Section 5 of the Constitution of Australia reads as follows:

“The Governor-General may appoint such times for holding the sessions of the Parliament as he thinks fit, and may also from time to time, by Proclamation or otherwise, prorogue the Parliament, and may in like manner dissolve the House of Representatives.”

It basically it outlining that the Government has failed to address a number of important issues, like climate change, deaths in custody, and the recent bushfire emergencies currently raging across the country. 



“The science has been very clear and settled for decades and now people in Australia are dying due to the misinformation and doubt that this Government are spreading in order to protect their mates in the Coal and resources industry, they have sold us out and have constantly proven to us that they no longer represent us.”

The petition goes on to discuss links between the Governments lack of action and various preventable deaths of Australians, including the six people who have died during the NSW and Queensland bushfires. 

It also condemns the Governement's decisions on water buy backs, the Medivac repeal and the NBN downgrade.

Essentially there are a lot of issues impacting the most vulnerable Australians and there is not a lot being done to remedy this. 

“All the decisions that they make add up and can only mean 1 thing which is they do not respect our democracy, our country or its people.”

If the petition is successful, this would be the second-ever instance of an Australian Prime Minister being removed from office by the Governor General.

For those old enough, you may remember that the only other PM to suffer this fate was Gough Whitlam in 1975, when he was deposed by Governor General John Kerr on November 11.

For more details on the petition, see here.