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Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery To Reopen With Inspiring Exhibitions


This Saturday the Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery will be reopening its doors, with two exciting exhibitions celebrating the launch.

The official launch comes after the gallery closed in August to install the A-Class air-conditioning system.

It’s currently one of only two South Australian art galleries outside of Adelaide to be deemed “A Class”, meaning it is able to host world class exhibitions.

Gallery staff and artists alike are excited by the opportunity, and the Regional Art Gallery is celebrating this by holding two exhibitions; ‘Poetic Peripheries’ and ‘Have You Met My Sister’.

Curator and artist, Melanie Sarantou, is excited to be involved in the process of showcasing artworks from around the world in the regional gallery.

“It’s so rewarding to see the exhibition come together… to form a good picture that best represents everyone’s work.”

“It’s just a puzzle clicking together in the end.”

‘Poetic Peripheries’ is centred on the landscapes each artist has traversed, addressing unsafe spaces and claiming them back as their own.

‘Have You Met My Sister’ continues with these themes, highlighting “marginalised communities” and relationships birthed by those living on the fringes of society.  

Some of these works have travelled quite a distance to be exhibited, as far as remote areas of Russia, Finland and Namibia.

Sherrie Jones, a local Indigenous Australian artist, will also feature her work alongside the international guests.  

A talented painter and basket weaver, she recently exhibited her work in Finland.

Though Natalie concedes it can be challenging to “ship work from the other side of the world,” it is the unwavering friendship between all artists which make the task so rewarding.

The exhibitions both have intersecting themes, such as womanhood, feminism, how one relates to nature and the importance of one's environment.

Through these artworks, Melanie hopes the community will consider “how important the environment is for our wellbeing and how precious it is for our identity as women.”

Port Pirie Regional Council is proud to support the two exhibitions, which will be open from the Launch (Saturday, 21st between 2pm-4pm) and will be displayed until January, 26th.

For more details please see the Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery website.