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Hate Work Christmas Parties? You Probably Had A Better Time Than These People!


Work Christmas parties can be dicey at best - you want to joke and be merry, but as the drinks flow that very fat, line between comedy and tragedy become more and more fine. 

I missed my work Christmas party this year, but for those who did (and managed to stay decent) I salute you. 

With that said, a moment of silence for our fallen brothers and sisters, you had a very, merry Christmas party.

It's the most I N T E R E S T I N G time of the yeaaaarrrr!

Definitely getting that promotion... 

 To be fair, it was an experience. 

This would be a HR nightmare. 

 I think Ghandi said it first. 


It's my motor skill's RDO.

When they hit you with a bar tab. 

Same TBQH with you. 

Everything is a trap, trust me. 

This is the ideal Work Christmas party situation. 

To forget. 

Let us know how your Christmas party went - perhaps (marginally) better?