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Austrian Newspaper Makes Cute Mistake On Their Map of Australia


A vast plain which confuses many. It has eluded many explorers and cartographers. Even today it proves to be a difficult continent to pin down.

Last weekend an Austrian newspaper made an attempt and well, it isn't exactly correct. 


Source: Kurier

Case in point. 

It seems to be a little less "down under" and a little more "up over".

Sydney and Melbourne, sick of being in the same spot year after year, have pulled a classic switcheroo/"parent-trap" manoeuver.

The saving grace is they decided to highlight one of the better parts of the country - the Flinders Ranges National Park. 

I also love how Blinman is pastered on the map with the same importance as Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide - as it should. 

What would life be like if Melbourne and Sydney swapped placesl; if it was the iconic Melbourne Opera House and punters gathered at the Sydney Cup.

If you love "terrible map" content as much as I do, I think you'll get a kick out of this twitter account (aptly named 'Terrible Maps').

Honestly, I'm taking the rest of the arvo off just to look at some bad maps.