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Backlash Begins Over The 'Friends' Reunion Special

If you've been living under a rock you may not be aware that everyone's fave 90s TV show 'Friends' is making a comeback... sorta. 

On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter announced that the OG stars of Friends were in talks to do an unscripted reunion special for HBO Max.

This claim seems to be backed up by a pic Jennifer Aniston posted to her IG account. 

It's fair to say Twitter is going nuts, especially because Aniston just joined IG and this was her first post.  

So far it has been described as a one-off event, but an important detail seems to have been missed by most.

The word being "unscripted". 

This word terrifies me, as it would do for you if you've ever had to endure an improvised comedy show. Time just seems to move slower and slower the longer you watch. 

I'm not entirely sure how an "unscripted special" would be executed either. Would it be all six actors reminiscing about their time on the show? Would they play their characters and improvise their lines? Because that sounds… not ideal. Five of them have already done the former during a tribute to director James Burrows in 2016 and it was… okay.

Many others have been feeling a bit suspicious about this too...

Other shows have attempted to go down the "improvised reunion special" route with middling success. The popular British TV show In Betweeners, had a crack at it for a New Year's Day special and fans were left feeling fairly cheated. 

The entire cast was described as looking "awkward" (which is kinda their style to be fair) and "ill-prepared". The host also "kept confusing the actors with the characters they were playing", and became a jumbled mess with one foot in reality and the other in the imaginary world. 

Personally, I'm not a fan of reunions unless there is a point to having them. Can they add anything to the story that hasn't already been covered in the TV series? Reunions for the sake of it just reek of money-grubbing; just how old bands do one final 'pension tour' to squeeze the last little bit out of their fan base. 

I sincerely hope that this reunion special is planned with their fans' interests in mind. 

This aside, I lowkey would love to see a reprisal of the classic 'pivot' scene!