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The Old Switcheroo; What To Do When Your Horse Is Losing

The 'race that stops the nation', or Melbourne Cup for those who aren't familiar, is on today!

People are scrambling to get their sweeps in, and eyeing off the competition. 

Personally, I'm eyeing off the food which will be dished out in the office. 

Backing horses is tricky business, especially if you have no ties to the racing industry and don't watch it religiously. 

However, I have a tip for you if you bet on a dud - the old switcheroo. 

A classic manoeuver. We've all played the switcheroo at some point. Maybe you swapped your dessert with your brother or sister's when they weren't looking - convinced their slice of the pie was bigger than yours. 

Maybe you pulled the switcheroo when you released you had a sister and never got to meet one of your parents, so you cut your hair and pretended to be your sister in the hope your parent wouldn't notice and take you home to keep forever. Or maybe that was just LiLo...

This switch requires almost no training or effort on your behalf, it's all about the jockey. 

As far a recorded, we've only seen this manoeuvre attempted and pulled off, back in 1996. 

In this instance the horses slammed together, forced one of the jockeys off, and his brother-in-law (the other jockey) was propelled into the other steed. 

With fast thinking and a certain amount of dexterity, he successfully switched horses and ran the rest of the race. 


So, what does this have to do with your losing horse?

Well, if you are losing, just know that jockeys are capable of switching places. Perhaps they might jump onto the back of the winning horse?

Is that how racing works? Certainly not. Will I still hope it happens all the same? Yes. 

Racing starts 2:30pm and Magic will be broadcasting the race live from Flemington racecourse.