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Two Will Smiths Better Than One? Gemini Man Hits Cinemas

Will Smith is a staple of any comedy diet. 

He's not high brow or controversial.

He seems like a straight up pleasure to be around, a little goofy but mainly a wholesome dude who likes make you laff every once and a while (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Men In Black, Hitch).

He has also been known to be a v serious actor (The Pursuit of Happiness,  Seven Pounds, Concussion). 

He's back on our silver screens, this time starring as Henry Brogan, an elite assassin who is targeted and pursued by a mysterious operative. 

One thing to mention is that Will Smith plays this character in two forms - young and old.

Will he pull it off?

Personally, nothing will top Lindsay Lohan playing her own twin in The Parent Trap. Nothing.

Here's the trailer if you're keen to see how they made Will Smith look 20 again!