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Prepare Your Tum Tum: Caramilk Is Making A Comeback!


This is the news you needed this morning, guys!

I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% a caramilk bar right now!

Well, that's a lie. But if you are what you eat I'll definitely be a caramilk bar by October. 

Cadbury has relealed it will be stocking our supermarkets with the 90's cult-fave as of Wednesday, October 2nd.

Incredibly, we can purchase this rare bar for $4.80. Or, if you prefer to purchase items online, don't worry - Cadbury have a dedicated eBay store, with a portion of the proceeds going towards Save The Children. It'll be slinging the bars on September 26th, so you can get your hands on them sooner.

Let's hope we are #blessedwiththebars next Wednesday!