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Petrol Prices Soaring, Better Buy Some Decent Walking Shoes


Great news if you're in the walking business - petrol prices are off chop right now. 

This means that either we get used to paying exorbitant prices for fuel, or we look at alternatives.

First cab off the rank: walking.

Cheap, clean and convenient. Unless you need to walk further than the shops. According to Google Maps it'll take you approximately 19 hours and 59 minutes to walk from Port Augusta to Port Pirie. That minute makes all the different, because if you'd said it'd take 20 hours I probably won't even consider it. For some reason 19 hours and 59 minutes seems more achievable in my mind...


The slicker version of walking, it's just a clean except it's considerably faster. Crystal Brook to Kadina on a bike would take approximately 4 hours and 9 minutes. Not bad to be honest! Just make sure not to ride in the middle of the day. I'm sure this calculation isn't talking into account the sun's affect on riders. 

Catching A Lift

I know we don't have Ubers out in the Flinders ranges, not even in the Mid North. However, we've all bummed a lift off someone in the past. Maybe the answer is to get Mum or Dad to drive us around. Better still our best mates. After all, why do we bother hanging around them if not for the free rides?

Close contenders which didn't quite make the list were rollerblading, paddleboarding and skateboarding while holding onto the back of a car (just like in Back to the Future). #martymcflyingaway