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Iconic Teddy Bear Fence: If Not The Yorke Peninsula Highway, Where?


To move the Teddy Bear Fence or not; that is the question. 

Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the dreaded debate every single time, or face the music and just move it for sanity sake. 

The famous Shakespeare lines. Who knew he could predict the future so well, and so specifically to the Copper Coast. 

There have been many arguments had about whether to move the bears or not, some arguing it would mean those who park to take a look would be safer. It's hard to refute that - little children on a highway, with cars wizzing past at 100km an hour, do not a good mix make. 

What's the alternative then? Here are some suggestions as to where the bears could be relocated.

1. The Augusta Highway
It seems that the biggest point of contention to moving the bears is that they won't be put in a similar habitat. If that's the case, it's only logical one would more them to another busy highway, where cars have been known to drive in excess of 110kms an hour (albeit illegally). 

2. Into the Spencer Gulf
I don't mind what part of the coast they're repositioned. My idea behind this is to increase security measures to protect our shores from the invasive Asian Paddle Crab. The battle continues, and the more soldiers the better. 

3. Move it away from a highway
Now, this might sound like a crazy idea, but if the bears are moved into a pitstop area that might prove to be a useful compromise. That way the bears are still visible, and people will be likely to stop by, as pitstops are designed with this in mind. This will also avoid a tug-of-war between towns to claim the bears.

Another problem solved. Gosh, I'm really getting good at this. For more solved problems, please see my fool-proof advice on stopping the invasive Asian Paddle Crab.