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Top 3 Choices To Replace Don Pyke As Crows Coach

With Don Pyke having parted ways with the Crows, we're wondering who should be the new coach. 

I've done some thinking, and here are the top 3 picks for who could be their new coach, leading them to victory.

1. Elly From The Bachelor
Elly has experienced heartbreak; the crushing blow of not making it to the finals, let alone the finale. The Crows also know this feeling intimately. She could bond with the Crows players, and pull them out of their slump. 

2. The Constable Who Saved The Worker From The Jetty Fire
We all need strong leaders in our lives; people who have the courage to make strong decisions under pressure and stick to them. The constable who was in Whyalla for a training day, and ended up saving a worker's life, has exactly this type of spirit, and the Crows team could definitely thrive under this type of leadership. If he can save a man, he can definitely save a club and lead them to the Premierships.

3. A wooden spoon
As a rambunctious child, whenever I had been acting up/underperforming the mere suggestion of the wooden spoon would always get me back on track. Perhaps the Crows would benefit from some tough love? Plus the wooden spoon also symbolises last place, which is enough encouragement to be quite honest. 

In case you missed it, here's Don Pyke's press conference where he stands down from the role.