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Oldie, But a Goodie: Eudunda Antiques Valuation Day This Weekend


If you have some bric-a-brac hiding away at home, now is the perfect time to bring it out!

The Eudunda Antiques Valuation Day is on this Saturday, and the popular event will have people coming from far and wide.

 “It’s quite entertaining and informative,” beams Peter Horne, chairperson of the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery.

“People are travelling serious distances… to learn about the history and value behind [their items].”

Much like the revered UK TV show, Antiques Roadshow, the Antiques Valuation Day is where people bring in heirlooms, hoping to glean more information about them from the onsite valuer, John Foumakis.

“He’s a wonderful antiques valuer who volunteers his time to help us out.”

It’s said Samuel Doering, the youngest committee member and Eudunda’s Young Citizen of the Year, helped get the project off the ground.

“It was his meeting with John Foumakis which sparked this event.”

This upcoming Antiques Valuation Day will be their fourth, since the first one held in October, 2018.

In the past quite old and expensive items have been brought in.

“One person brought in an old, German mantel clock, which was 200 years old,” mused Peter.

“Another brought in a bottle which had a silver plaque on the bottom… and was valued at $3000.”

Conversely, one person brought in an “ornate mantel clock which turned out to be a Chinese copy.”

“She was a bit disappointed by that.”

Crockery is also brought in, which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Valuable items come in all shapes, sizes and conditions, however ones that are valued highly tend to be “pristine, rare, identifiable and complete.”

However, if your items don’t fall into these categories don’t let it deter you from stopping by and having them valued. Entry is five-dollars, and with this you can have unlimited valuations on the day.

“The more people who come, the happier we are.”

The town is wedged between two valleys; Clare and Barossa. So, if antiques aren’t your cup of tea, Peter suggests checking out the Colin Thiele Driving Trail or discovering the township’s history in the Research Room of the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery.

The gallery welcomes young and old, close and far, to attend the event and spend time in “beautiful Eudunda.”

For more information, see the community guide here, or check out the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery website here.

Written by Erin Connellan
Photo: Leticia Ribeiro, Pexels