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Australia's Kate Miller-Heidke Secures Place In Eurovision Grand Final!


The other countries competing in the 2019 Eurovision Song Content might as well pack up and go home because Kate Miller-Heidke is coming for the crown and she's not messing about. 

The songstress and incredibly talented singer has combined pop with opera, as is her tendancy, and created the ultimate song - Zero Gravity. Pulling out all the stops she performs this operatic/pop piece all while soaring through the sky. Yeah boooiiiiiiii.

Saturday 18th of May is an important day for all Australians, more important than the election in fact. It's when Miller-Heidke will be performing in the grandfinal, although it'll be 5am, Sunday 19th May for us. If you're keen as a bean to watch it, it'll be airing on SBS. 

Personally, though, I can't wait to see Iceland's performance... Here's a taste...

Photo: Youtube video still