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Should Australia Have A Bullet Train?

台灣高鐵列車 Taiwan High Speed Rail

 With an election coming in under a week, it was only a matter of time before somebody jumped back on the "let's build a bullet train in Australia" bandwagon.

The Bullet Train for Australia Party are notoriously committed to this issue, but this time the call has come from Labor, who've pledged $1 Billion to building a high-speed rail link between Melbourne and Brisbane, via Sydney, if elected.




It's a fun idea (trains rule) but the feasability and viability of a high-speed rail service in a country as large and low-populated as Australia usually halts further discussions. With that said, here are some reasons why a bullet train might be a good thing...


1. Trains were one of the first parental figures I had

Thomas the Tank Engine enters a Shed at Greenfield Village 4-26-2008 327 N (15)

 I will never turn my back on a train. Thomas taught me better. Now, if Thomas can be improved, made to go even faster? That's phenomenal.


2. Imagine how fast the dining cart would be

Imagine those little sandwiches zooming accross the coast! Packets of chips, perhaps? Sodas, cups of coffee, all going really, really fast. I bet they even taste better too.


3. I missed my bus this morning

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It's always good to have a backup plan, because I love sleep-ins and I'm a bit of an idiot like that.


4. I wouldn't buy the wrong ticket, like I did in Osaka.

I once caught the bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo. It was on my bucket list for that trip! Unfortunately, the ticket man assumed I wanted an un-reserved seat, didn't speak a lot of english beyond selling Australians train tickets, and I didn't know better so I just took the ticket. I should have gotten a reserved seat, because I just took the first train I saw, which was packed, and I didn't have a nice comfy seat for most of the 2.5 hour journey. I think I only got a seat on the very last stop before mine. I'm still glad I took the train, because it was really cool and the scenery was so amazing, but I didn't like sitting on my suitcase (or the seven kilos of lifestyle magazines my friend John gave me to courier for him, because I was flying on a different airline to him, with a larger baggage limit) and I feel so much of the situation could have been resolved with better communication.


5. Remember that fight scene in The Wolverine?

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It's really cool, and maybe having our own bullet train is what we need to attract a big Hollywood star like Hugh Jackman to Australia.