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Disney's Live-Action Remake of Aladdin Is Coming, Are We Ready?

will smith
Just the word "live-action" (and it is technically one word due to the hyphen) strikes fear in my heart.

This is because there have been some pretty... interesting interpretations of our beloved video game and cartoon characters. 

Some we have high expectations for (Detective Pikachu), some have left more to be desired (Sonic The Hedgehog). 

Disney has been jumping on the live-action train recently, and have decided to take the genie out of the bottle for Aladdin. Should be genie be pushed back into the bottle and locked in it's original cage? Time will only tell. But if the trailer is anything to go off...

Like it or not, it'll hit local cinemas in the next two weeks. Will you be seeing it in cinemas around the Spencer Gulf/Mid North?

Photo: Youtube trailer