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Andy Lee Dated Lily Allen, Wrote A Song About It??

Strap yourself in, this is going to be an absolute journey. 

Andy Lee, one half of everyone's fav radio duo, Hamish & Andy, has spilled the tea on a past fling with none other than Brit Pop's Lily Allen. THE Lily Allen. 

Andy dropped this juicy info when chatting to Fitzy & Wippa and spoke of the past flame which took place right before his career well-and-truly blew up.

Imagine this - Lily Allen asking you to come to her show after you interview you. Then, during her set, she dedicates her song "Littlest Things" to you. Because that's the reality Andy lived. 

"Midway through the set Lily said, ‘Hey, I met a really cute guy today. His name’s Andy, works at a radio station … This is a song for him.’ And she played a song called [Littlest Things].

Half the crowd are turning around going, ‘I think she’s talking to you.’ Lily saw me and sung the end of the song to me."

After the set, Lee was approached by Allen's manager -

"We went out for dinner and then we shared a kiss in the car on the way home and I got dropped off. She didn’t come up or anything.

We exchanged phone numbers and from there she reached out again and we went on another date."

Apparently Allen then offered Lee the invitation to see her in Sydney, and with some encouragement from his co-host Hamish Blake, he boarded a flight from Melbourne, Sydney-bound, to see the songstress. 

"I was pretending I knew Sydney and I went to this pub that was recommended for dinner and it was closed. So we just walked the streets and found another pub."

However this is where the romance ends, as Lee tells it, he didn't hear from her after that. 

"She left the country and there was a bit of pining. I was like, ‘That was fun, that was great, I think we got along.’ And then I emailed her and never heard back and I thought, ‘Oh gosh, that hasn’t gone well.’"

You would think the story ends there, but you'd be missing the best bit!

Andy was a reg member of his brother's band, Zoophyte, and instead of reaching out again he decided to immortalise their tale through song. And guess what it was called?

Little Things. 

What a ripper of a story.