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Veronica Mars Fans Rejoice - It's Coming Back, Baby!

Remakes are the flavour of the year. We've got Disney/Pixar live-action remakes going all over the place, some much better than others *cough Aladdin cough*. As well as your favourite video game characters starring in their own movies, read: Sonic The Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu.

BUT this new Veronica Mars series is something I can get around. Namely because it's less of an animated remake of the original, and more like a continuation of the once cancelled show. Turns out there are a lot more eagar Veronica Mars fans than once thought. 

Need a refresher? You might remember its intro song by The Dandy Warhols - We Used To Be Friends. But you could be confusing that with your memories of playing FIFA 2004 on the Playstation. Maybe the intro reel for season one will jog your memory?

Veronica Mars: Detective and total boss. It's set to be released in US on Hulu, no firm date announced for Australia but we'll announce it once we catch wind. In the meantime it's time to watch the new season trailer and binge on all the old episodes.

Of course if this type of detective isn't your thing, maybe Detective Pikachu will be up your alley? Either way, I'll be pulling out my trench coat for this winter in the Spencer Gulf, and looking into all sorts of mysteries, like who keeps moving my bins on bin day...

Photo: Youtube trailer