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Chip Companies Cheat Us Once Again, Fill Bags With More Air


Source: papertrailed, Flickr

I'm cranky. I have every right to be.

The one thing I held sacred has been defiled, like a Sturt Desert Pea in a hailstorm.

We all know that while chip packets are getting bigger, portions are growing smaller. Is it any wonder I chomp through 3 packets of chips per night?

But, this is just taking the p...potato. Literally.

An astute Australian (u/AApickleAA) has discovered that there are currently two chip packets on the market (from the same brand): one is the normal, "large" (and I do mean "large" in no sense of the word at all) and a "30% bigger bag - more to share!" In fact, they are so confident that there is more to share, they wrote it on both the top and bottom of the packet. 

Which is unfortunate, because if you direct your eye to the bottom left, under the slogan, it says that it weighs 500g. This wouldn't be a problem if they didn't have to legally disclose the weight of their bags, but they do. And it turns out that the "large" bag of chips is the exact same weight as the "bigger bag" - 500g!

Both weigh 500g but the green one is in a 30% "BIGGER BAG MORE TO SHARE" from r/assholedesign

It appears the only thing you have "more to share" is air. Which, though it does keep me alive, is not what I'm interested in when making nachos.