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Weed-Killing Robots Could Topple Agrochemical Businesses

The automation of jobs has been steadily influencing agribusiness, by giving farmers more freedom to manage their properties from afar, and optimising their processes and profitability. 

The latest in AI advances has seen the creation of an AI-driven weed-killer. And it does not muck around!

This robot uses 20% less herbicide, which could seriously disrupt the argochemical market (worth a whopping $26 billion!)

If this technology is adopted, this will mean a few exciting things for the future - farmers may be forking out less of their hard-earned money on herbicides, and our food will be less dependant on herbicides. 

This could mean an even bigger margin for farmers, as markets generally pay more for produce that is less affected by herbicides!

The techonology is already been investigated by The University of Sydney and John Deere. I wonder whether our farmers around the Spencer Gulf will be adopting this precision-spray technology anytime soon? Time will only tell.

via Gfycat