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Rabbit travels on public transport in London: parliament debates a possible concession card


This rabbit is smarter than me

There are some mysteries that arguably, will never be solved.
Who shot JFK? Did we really land on the moon? And, of course, how does this rabbit understand the complex schedule of public transport.
A white rabbit has been travelling around London for free, like, a boss.

It was spotted on a bus, which prompted most of the people to just blurt out loud; “Hey, why is there a rabbit on this bus”. It’s unconfirmed but most likely true the rabbit responded : “Travelling to SOHO on animal discount brah”. This animal is literally smarter than me. 

But it wasn’t just the bus, he/she/it? Then hopped (ha) onto the tube and was just chilling on a seat.
Apparently there is an owner who isn’t all there, but said the rabbit has been doing this for a while.