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Lawn and Order is a business; and fix my lawn please

I mean it’s funny, but where’s the drama?
You know when people make a business letterhead, that is basically, 100% based on a film or a tv series, or a popular catchphrase?
Here’s another one of those,

It’s pretty good!

Based on the highly successful crime TV series, and also not based on it at all, is “Lawn And Order”. People in NYC have seen these popping up everywhere and have almost gotten into car accidents as they tried to play the theme song while recording-while not having an accident.


They’ve actually got a splinter group (and I don’t know if this is…stealing intellectual property) in Brisbane! But this one is a bit more boring.
The question is, does this work, and in very simply, it DEFINITELY DOES.

I mean it’s funny, but where’s the drama?
How boring can landscaping work be? What about when you’ve got the special landscaping unit attending your yard? So epic.